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Application Packaging

effectual IT provides a full range of Application Packaging services to remediate and package applications for distribution. The ability to have applications delivered quickly and seamlessly is key to a managed and efficient workspace, whether you decide to deploy to the desktop or virtually.

effectual IT offers a range of options for application packaging and deploying your applications. If you would like to discuss the options click here to contact us.

MSI Packaging and Re-Packaging

effectual IT specialises in application packaging for silent installation using SCCM or Windows InTune. Once you have completed your Application Compatibility Testing you will likely require remediation for applications that are hostile to silent installation or need customisation.

effectual IT has deep knowledge in providing application packaging for enterprise and government, whether you need Office 2010 packaged, or complex Line of Business applications that are unique to your organisation.

Sequencing Applications

Microsoft Application Virtualization(App-V) allows applications to be streamed virtually to the desktop instead of installing them locally. The only requirement is that the applications are sequenced using App-V. effecutal IT can provide this functionality to customers through our application packaging experts, using Microsoft App-V to create greater flexibility in the workplace and lower TCO.

App-V provides anywhere user access to applications that available on any authorized device without application installs. Virtual applications and user settings are preserved whether users are online or offline.

To talk to the experts about your Application Packaging requirements, contact us today.

Application Compatibility

As part of any Windows 7 planning process it is recommended to perform an Application Compatibility assessment. You can decide whether to select a range of your applications for testing to give you an estimate of effort, or test every application and decide the best application packaging approach for each one.

If you are having issues with Application Compatibility or need advice on creating an application packaging strategy, effectual IT can help. We have assisted many organisations ranging from small to large, overcome issues and deploy applications with ease. Contact us today to learn how.

Application Deployment

Nowadays there are many ways to deploy applications to your staff. Your application packaging strategy will determine which method you choose, and the behavior of the application and considerations such as security and priority will also come into play.

effectual IT has extensive experience with application packaging using the latest technologies such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Application Virtualization (App-V), Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) and Citrix XenApp.