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Windows Intune

Windows Intune cloud service is your all-in-one PC management solution that replaces the need for multiple tools and a server-based infrastructure to deliver PC management, security, and updates to client PCs.

effectual IT can implement Windows Intune to help you manage your business environment from the Cloud.

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Windows Intune has many benefits

  • The Windows Intune cloud service helps centrally manage and secure PCs through a single web-based console.
  • Access rights to the Windows 7 Enterprise license.
  • Perform security and management tasks remotely from a web-based console.
  • Windows Intune helps secure PCs from malware and virus threats with endpoint protection.
  • Deploy most updates and line of business applications through the cloud.
  • Windows Intune provides greater performance and security with the included Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade.

Windows Intune Core Features

  • Provide remote assistance

    Resolve PC issues, regardless of where the client’s PCs are located, with remote assistance.

  • Track hardware and software inventory

    Windows Intune audits hardware and software assets to efficiently manage assets, licenses, and compliance.

  • Set security policies

    Centrally manage update, firewall, and malware protection policies, even on remote machines outside of corporate networks.

  • Manage updates

    Windows Intune Managed updates: Centrally manage the deployment of Microsoft updates and service packs to all client PCs.

  • Protect PCs from malware

    Help protect client PCs from the latest threats with malware protection built on the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine.

  • Proactively monitor PCs

    Windows Intune receives alerts on updates and threats so that problems can be proactively identified and resolved—before work becomes interrupted.