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System Center 2012

System Center 2012 solutions help you manage your physical and virtual IT environments across datacenters, client computers, and devices. Using these integrated and automated management solutions, you can be a more productive service provider for your businesses.

System Center 2012 captures and aggregates knowledge about systems, policies, processes, and best practices so that you can optimize your infrastructure to reduce costs, improve application availability, and enhance service delivery.


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  • Integrated solutions from desktop to datacenter
  • Management of physical and virtual IT environments
  • Knowledge-driven management
  • Rapid time to value
  • System Center solutions provide complete management from the desktop to the datacenter

System Center 2012 helps you deliver agile and cost effective datacenter services with integrated, “single pane of glass” management across your physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

System Center 2012 uniquely bridges the gap between private and public clouds with common management across infrastructure, platform, and applications, thereby offering you unparalleled flexibility and control.

System Center 2012, as part of the Optimized Desktop, helps your organization to attain the right balance in its desktop infrastructure-empowering employees with the flexibility they need to be productive, while providing IT the necessary level of control, manageability, and security.